An overview

The Early Years Video

Directed and Edited by

Jan-Willem Dikkers and Laura Brunelliere

Image excerpts from Issue 1-8 (1999 – 2004), Stare (Published with David Renard 1999) Larry Clark, Bob Richardson, Christopher Wool, Mark Gonzales, Raymond Pettibon, Paul Sietsema, Paul McCarthy, Spandau Parks, Pipilotti Rist, Marijke Van Warmerdam, Mark Lyon, Jan-Willem Dikkers, Jeff Elrod, Tom Borgese, Marina Karella, Jack Pierson, Susie Rosemarin, Ari Marcopoulos, Ewan Gibbs, Larry Towel, Jean Louis Gregoire, Mitch Epstein, Dan McCarthy, John Wolfington, Bill Owens, Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, Phoebe Gloeckner, Kehinde Wiley, Marilyn Minter, Ryan McGingley, Ann Weathersby, Nan Goldin, Terry Lewis, Christopher Griffith, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Marshall Kappel, Pierre Huyghe and Douglas Coupland, Tom Wood, Richard Kern, Johan Olander

Video Excerpts from Issue+ CD 1-6 (1999 – 2001) Sweet Nothing, Gary Winick; Ode, Kelly Reichardt; Powder Airways, Ari Marcoploulos; Fiona, Amos Kollek

Music Excerpts from Issue+ CD 1-6 (1999 – 2001), Featured artists in Issue 7-8 (2003 – 2004) Initiation, At the Drive-In; Music For Images I, John Wolfington; Spectral Vapor in the Neural machine, Rebecca Moore; Thank You, Lennon Murphy; Winter Blessing, Rebecca Moore; Untitled, Jan-Willem Dikkers; Seven Swans, Sufjan Stevens; Music For Images II (Francine), John Wolfington; Love, Julia Vorontsova; Far From Showbiz, Beyond Dawn

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