Lourdes Hernández

Images by Sophie Caby



Lourdes Hernández is a Spanish singer and folk singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name Russian Red. She has released four albums: I Love Your Glasses (2008), Fuerteventura (2011), Agent Cooper (2014) and Karaoke (2017).

Born in Paris, Sophie Caby is a Los Angeles-based photographer. She went to the Art Faculty Paris 8 specializing in photography and then studied architecture at the Beaux-Arts de Paris Val-de-Seine. Her work focuses on people and landscape, and her recent project Terminus Los Angeles can be seen here.

Strolling in and out of the Pacific Ocean with Russian Red on a bright afternoon makes me the luckiest photographer. As I observe her moving around, I find I am admiring a possible icon from the 1940’s. Lourdes Hernández is the name behind Russian Red. Her voice, a soft fire. Her accent, a Spanish melody. Her mind, a vibrant expedition. Russian Red will be performing her latest album Karaoke in Los Angeles on November 2nd before flying off to Mexico.

Where are you from?
Madrid, Spain.

What’s your story of getting started as a musician?
I fell in love with a guy and was trying to impress him.

What do you like most about your line of work?
The instant effect of my emotion into other people’s emotion.

What projects are you most drawn to?
The ones that hold more truth.

What inspires you?
Memories that I own and memories that I imagine.

Who inspired you most growing up?
My dad and his inability to be happy.

Do you recall your first favorite t-shirt?
Probably one of my older sister’s t-shirts that I could only wear behind her back.

How would you describe your style?
Colorful, feminine, mismatched.

What’s next for you?
Building a home, exploring acting.

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