Issue Magazine 03-2015
Issue Magazine 03-2015 opens with a series of “Shoot Yourself” swim fashion images, where models go behind the camera, running alongside highlight features of new art books, music and films. Conversation-style interviews unfold between musicians Rodrigo Amarante and Antony Langdon; poets Jacqueline Suskin and Mandy Kahn; and the band Girlpool and Sam-Cook Parrott of Radiator Hospital. Spanish girl-group Hinds plays an exclusive show from a bathtub, artist Jordan Sullivan shares his new monograph, and Carson Brown talks staging renegade art shows in big-box stores across the country. The cover shoot features Shameik Moore of “Dope,” complete with interview. Fashion highlights include images and an interview with actor Kodi-Smit McPhee, “Land of La La” fashion editorial, and a Japanese Boro shopping story. Actors and models share their ambitions, turn-ons and favorite movies in the Go-See series – featuring Ruby Rose, Elise Eberle, Dylan Gelula and Tony Revelori. ISSUE+ enhanced features include live performances by Girlpool and Hinds, behind the scenes videos of Hinds and Kodi Smit-McPhee, and our unique go-see video interviews.

CONTRIBUTORS TEXT Nicole Disson, Mandy Kahn, Jacqueline Suskin, Sam Cook-Parrott, Antony Langdon, Myles Haselhorst, Holly Grigg-Spall, Clare Shearer, Alyson Luthi, Taylor Lough, Jessica Makinson; IMAGE Eliza Sys, Lauren Taylor, Sophia Tatum, Stefanie, Veronica G, Carson Davis Brown, Shelby Duncan, Jan-Willem Dikkers, Rafiki Tree Productions, Sophie Caby, Jordan Sullivan, Cameron McCool

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