Issue Magazine 02-2017
Artist and photographer Vitus Solashanka shares his latest project New Citizens, a portrait series of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Eritrea, who have fled their countries to seek asylum and a new life in Europe. Conversation-style interview unfolds between Jennifer Clavin (Bleached) and Cecilia Della Peruti (Gothic Tropic) alongside excerpts from Can You Deal?, a zine compiled by Jennifer consisting of artists’ shared experiences of their female gender defining other people’s narrative of their art. Music interviews feature Bedouine, Cotillon, Middle Kids, and Alex Lahey. Fashion highlights include an illustrated series by Vivian Shih, portaits of Jennifer Clavin at her home by Ira Chermova and our signature series “Shoot Yourself” #Vintage where models go behind the camera. Actors share their ambitions, turn-ons and personal stories in our Go-See series—featuring Jodie Comer, Medalion Rahimi, Madeline Brewer, Jay Ellis, Karen Elson, Ruth Kearney, Robert Knepper, Sarah Ramos, Keith Powers, Joey King, Theo Rossi, Katie Aselton and our cover feature Asia Kate Dillon. The issue opens with highlight features of exciting new art books, films and music.

CONTRIBUTORS Destiny Anderson, Ira Chernova, Gillian Deeds, Jan-Willem Dikkers, Kenzie Kersen, Cynda Mcelvana, Lera Pentelute, Cecilia Della Peruti, Paige Rivas, Clare Shearer, Vivian Shih, Terra Jo Wallace

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