11 + 11: Incomplete Art Projects
+ Snap Shots of Living

Text and Images by Mary Novokhovsky

Dear Reader,

This is content for the dreamweavers, chronic non-believers, macho underachievers, grim reapers- and all of those millennial day sleepers.

What do you do when your brain becomes grossly oversaturated with information and it starts to ooze and lose its grip? The moment you hum along with a Spotify ad as if it was an actual song?

You. Must. Somehow. Pull. Yourself. Together.

This first piece is a mash-up of many ideas that couldn’t make it on their own so they joined forces: The ultimate combination of forgotten prescription refills, chronic failure syndrome and early 20’s turmoil.

Prepare yourself for randomness- I imagine you could call this a complete: Art Fart.

In the name of all that is Holy and to compete with Buzzfeed, I bring you:

11 + 11: Incomplete Art Projects + Snap Shots of Living

None of this should make any sense.

1. How Do You Learn to Deal With Ordeals?
(Title of pamphlets that will be carefully arranged into a fan shape, on an IKEA coffee table, in a waiting room- any waiting room.)

2. “Ode to the millennial scum bag. Open mouth breathing cum rag. So worn out from shit like 9/11 that your tits sag.”
(The chorus of a rap song that will be sold to a young hot artist. The profits will fund a spiritual trip to Moscow.)

3. “Crusty bits- the kind that build up underneath your dog’s eyelids.”
(A sentence from a one-act play about a kooky romance in a morgue.)

4. Living in LA: Gringa Shame.
(A documentary shot on a hand held camera about the struggles of a white girl who is part of the gentrification movement in a Latino neighborhood.)

5. “The longer you hold the phone on a ripe opportunity the more likely you are to scoop brown avocado into your seven layer Hollywood taco dip.”
(An excerpt from a guidebook aimed at providing budding young talent with tips through the power of examples and idioms.)

6. Young girl moves across the country in a 2004 Toyota, Sienna with her boyfriend. They pack the car with damp laundry, a TV and a humble amount of marijuana that has been carefully vacuum-sealed at their friend’s experimental kitchen space.
(Introduction to an award-winning essay about “Modern Love” for some sort of publication in New York.)

7. Self proclaimed nihilist cries during romantic comedy.
(The premise for a performance art piece where a nihilist cries during a romantic comedy on stage- preferably something with Drew Barrymore.)

8. “Shortly thereafter, you masturbate furiously until you go to bed.”
(An excerpt from a video diary project filmed somewhere in the Middle East where there is much turmoil.)

9. The time I met political pundit Michael Savage at wienerschnitzel and he asked to use my cell phone.
(The title of a chapter in my autobiography.)

10. “At night you drink yourself to sleep and read popular quotes from self-deprecating authors.”
(Symptom number 2 on a long list of symptoms associated with something that requires a 12-step program.)

11. The Burden of Entitlement
(A novella explaining the plight of the millennials as they learn to live in a world where Tweens dominate YouTube.)

P.S: Lack of focus is real. Everybody take your adderall.

Stay out late. Get a taco. Tune In next time.

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