Let Me Introduce Myself

Text by Camille Orders 

Introduction by Ariel Beesley (Editor)

“I always had this idea of LA fashion; big sunglasses,

 high heels, a statement handbag, a statement gold watch

Camille Orders and a pair of tits to match the nose job.” — Camille Orders


Ariel Beesley
Born and raised in LA, Ariel studied poetry at the New School in Manhattan for a year before returning home. She now pursues various creative endeavors, including writing & performing music, modeling, and contributing to ‘i’ is a magazine. Find her on Bandcamp or Instagram @arielbees.

Camille Orders is an Aussie babe, (from Sydney to be exact), who packed up her life and spontaneously moved to the other side of the world. She decided upon Los Angeles because “the lifestyle (was) very similar” to that in Sydney, but still different enough to make a year worthwhile. With a blog titled failures-of-getting-famous.tumblr.com, Camille divides her time between experiencing LA culture and working at fine arts and fashion mag, “Treats! Magazine.” In this diary entry style piece, Orders discusses different areas in LA and how fashion differs in each of them, through the eyes of girl from “Straya.”

It all started funnily enough on a Mexican vacation back in February…

Our “last night” in Cabo, turned into two more nights, a private jet to Los Angeles and Qantas sky-beds home to Australia… not bad.

I arrived back in Sydney to a million and one questions.

After many explanations and organisations, I decided it was time for my 20-year-old self to go on a bit of a solo adventure,

Back to Los Angeles…

The fella, from back in February, had kept up quite decent contact and supposedly organised a brilliant opportunity, which I had recognised as a mild career breakthrough.

I started applying for a US visa and got myself back on that plane and back to the CITY OF ANGELS (DEVILS)…

“It all started funnily enough
on a Mexican vacation”
— Camille Orders

I always had this idea of LA fashion; big sunglasses, high heels, a statement handbag, a statement gold watch and a pair of tits to match the nose job.

When I arrived, there was no doubt a fair few matching my accurate description, but then again, I was staying in the dark, collagen filled depths of Beverly Hills.

I’ve been here 3 weeks now and after much deliberation and close observations, I’ve come to realise there is a particular fashion ‘code’ correlating with individual areas of LA. Here’s what I, the Australian tourist who knows probably nothing, has come up with;

1. Beverly Hills

The ones described above whose faces have never looked so great (tight) and often feature names such as Valentino (the studded heels that really seem to have caught on), Prada (the swirl rimmed sunglasses that help hide those recent botox bruises), the Goyard bags which retail for a mere $1200 and are made entirely from plastic, and maybe two or three Cartier love bangles which were obviously given by someone who really REALLY loves you…

2. Melrose

Don’t wear overalls, you may be shunned…but seriously, here you can find those people who do have money but choose to wisely spend it on delicate fabrics, monotone, minimalist colors and patterns, rather than cosmetic injections. Some names you might recognise are the Supreme team which includes that group of boys who all have the exact same hat just in different colors…also you’ll find the intimidating group of rich latino gangster girls that sport literal sport-like silk track pants, a more expensive shirt or top, mixed in with a pair of Nikes (probably Jordans or Air force Ones), 5 or 6 gold chain necklaces and maybe a hair braid or two… basically this is my kind of area

3. Venice

Simple explanation is BONDI HIPSTERS (check out the video on YouTube and you’ll understand…) includes – Bassike tees, ripped jeans and Valley Eyewear, which I am a proud owner of and you should be too!

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